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Encore Performance & Fabrication is proud to announce the availability of Hawker Energy's Odyssey Battery at a new reduced price.

We were impressed by the Odyssey Battery when we first found out about it a couple of years ago: Imagine, a high amperage deep discharge battery, that cannot spill, has great vibration resistance, it can be mounted in virtually any position, does not need trickle charging (even over winter... it maintains up to 50% of charge for 2 1/2 years), has a two year free replacement (not pro-rated), it is expected to last five years, and it is delivered filled and charged.

This battery is physically smaller than the stock battery in conventionally framed Guzzi's... but what is so cool is that it will not leak... not even fumes... no more corroded connections... no more paint, aluminum, or chrome damage... this is the only way to go!

I was sold... but the cost was $150.00... ouch!

Now, this year Hawker Energy decided to get serious about this market, and figuring they would sell a lot more, they reduced the price by $50.00!

Think about it... aside from all the other benifits... at $100.00 each, it makes economic sense too!

This battery will outperform any other, more cranking power, and faster recharge.

How they do it:

The main ingredient is thin plates of 99% pure lead, these plates are seperated by glass fiber and compressed under a great deal of force. The design is referred to as "electolyte starved", there is only enough acid to coat the outside of the fiber... which kind of works like a wrung out sponge. No other battery has this technology.

The US DOT has classified the Odyssey as a dry battery, they can be shipped worry free by UPS or Air. The battery comes fully charged, ready to go.

Physical Specifications:

Length: 6.70" (170.2mm)

Width: 3.90" (99.1mm)

Height 6.89" (175.0mm)

Terminals: 6mm X 1mm studs

Approximate Weight: 13.23 lbs (6.0 kg)

Yuasa size reference: YB16CLB

Price: $100.00 plus tax and/or shipping

Some modification to cables may be required to fit this battery in your machine. In motorcycle applications, Yuasa batteries are the size standards. Most conventional framed Guzzi's take a Yuasa Y60N24ALB which is 71/4"L x415/16"W x 615/16"H. (Note: current list price of the Yuasa is $111.75, it is shipped dry and requires filling with acid and charging to use [we do sell the Taiwanese version for $58.00 though])

This battery is bigger and stronger than OEM batteries used in spine frames. It will require removal of the plastic battery tray and slight alteration to fit. (Hawker energy supplies OEM Guzzi batteries starting with Sport 1100i) It will replace both batteries in the "Carb Sport".

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