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Acerbis Brush Guards With Turn Signals for Quota & Pro Grip Grips

Acerbis brush guards are made in Italy out of an extremely strong and light nylon composite. They are designed to protect the riders hands from being slapped by brush and branches. They have the added benefit of potentially saving expensive levers and controls in the event of a tip over.

The guards pictured are fitted with "spoilers" to extend the range of coverage, and are equipped with built in turn signals. In the photos above, the stock turn signals are still in place. Relocating them to the brush guards makes it less likely that they will be broken, or cause damage to something else in a tip over. It also frees up the original mounting spot to mount a reflector, or other accessory light (or even a deer whistle, if you are in to those).

Unfortunately, what would be a straightforward installation is complicated by the fact that the inside diameter of the Quota handlebar is smaller than these "universal fit" guards can accommodate. We solved this problem by reaming out the last couple of  inches on each end of the handlebar with successively larger drill bits until the supplied expanding plug would fit. (enlarging the hole from about 12mm to approx. 14mm) Big drill bits and drill motors powerful enough to run them can be an extremely dangerous combination, and extreme care should be taken if you attempt this modification.

Aside from that, installation was easy. We strayed from the instructions by mounting the inner clamp outboard of the cross brace instead of inboard as shown. This arrangement required a little tweaking of the guard, but it certainly seems acceptable. We resisted the temptation to cut down each end of the handlebar about 3/4" at this time, but it is still something we might consider in the future.

These are the best looking and coolest guards we have found, although wind protection is not quite ideal. As you may be able to imagine from the pictures, some wind gets past the inside edge of the spoilers to hit the area of ones fore fingers. That said, they still get our vote.

Acerbis offers this warning:
These hand guards will not prevent injury in the event of a crash. They are designed to protect the hands from cold weather and impact with small branches you might hit and flying debris. Be sure that you follow the instructions for installing the hand guards. Check to be sure the throttle and other controls are free every time you ride. Failure to heed  instructions and this warning could lead to interference with the controls, loss of control of the motorcycle, and an accident.

Also Shown:

Pro Grip Dual Sport Gel Grips

Made in Italy. The gel grip is made from a soft compound developed for use in Formula 1 race cars. The combination of the soft compound, greater thickness, and all the dimples, makes for a very comfortable grip. For this application, we trimmed off the end caps with a razor blade. They are available in a variety of colors including black and clear (gray shown).

Looking for other Acerbis or Pro Grip products? Give us a call.

Riders View

Built in turn signals are optional


Brush guards with spoilers attached  on Moto Guzzi Quota

close up, clutch hand

Right side view: Brush guards with spoilers on Quota

view from rear

Dual sport gel grip

Quota Headquarters

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