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Quota Exhaust

Exhaust Options for the Moto Guzzi Quota

2000 Moto Guzzi Quota with E.P.&F. exhaust system
While we really like the Moto Guzzi Quota, it is just not in our nature to leave well enough alone. When we considered options for the Quota exhaust system, we had three objectives in mind: 
  1. We wanted a system that tucked in tighter and lower to allow easier use of our waterproof soft luggage.

  2. We wanted to lose as much weight as possible.

  3. We wanted the bike to sound like a Guzzi.

For the muffler, we looked to the American company Supertrapp, and their second generation internal disc series of mufflers. This small diameter muffler has their "quiet core" insert combined with their well known tunable disc system. The body of the muffler is in aluminum, with a stainless steel end cap. It is physically much smaller than the OEM muffler, and significantly lighter. 
While the number of baffle discs can be varied to alter backpressure and torque/power characteristics, we feel most will be happy with our suggested set up, and never feel the need to fool with them. One outstanding feature of this setup is that this muffler is approved by the United States Forest Service as a spark arrestor... so there are no worries about taking the Quota where it was meant to go.

If your only concern is size, this muffler will slip on the stock crossover, and bolt up just fine. We have found that this arrangement is only minimally louder than the stock muffler, and allows for a lot more latitude in mounting  soft luggage. Changing out the stock crossover for the more reasonable tubular stainless steel Mistral unit has a more significant impact on exhaust tone. Not only does the stock part weigh a ton, but it functions as a muffler in it's own right, and is most responsible for the stock Quota's unique exhaust note.

The combination of the Supertrapp muffler and the Mistral crossover results in what we consider to be a more acceptable (and pleasing) sound, yet by incorporating Supertrapp's "quiet core" insert, the overall effect is not so loud as to be obnoxious, and does not (we feel) put you in to the "loud pipes risk rights" category.

Of course, we are concerned about any effect these substitutions may have on running, and took this in to consideration during our testing. Though conditions could vary greatly, our observations indicate that just swapping out the muffler should not have a significant effect on engine performance. Swapping out both muffler and crossover did result in a leaner running condition as indicated by "reading" the spark plugs. This leaner condition was easily rectified by adjusting the  "trim eeprom" on the bikes computer using the Marelli program. The setting we used was well within the range of adjustment, leaving room to go too rich should other conditions prevail. Of course we did pay careful attention to the setting of the throttle position sensor as well.

We do not have access to a dynomometer, and do not want to make any unsubstantiated claims about horsepower, torque, or even driveability. We will say that our test bike ran darn good, and we are happy with the results! We like the option of using soft luggage! Another Option: Mistral Muffler This muffler is designed for the Quota, and has an aluminum body. It is lighter than stock, and mounts at a different angle. It is not approved as a spark arrestor.

Exhaust options are becoming available for the new Moto Guzzi Quota. In general it is against the law to change factory exhaust systems, unless used for off highway or closed course competition. Parts substitutions may also result in operating conditions beyond the parameters of the OEM fuel injection system capability, and cause damage to your motorcycle, while rendering the warranty void.

It has been suggested that the stock setup may be capable of accommodating either an alternative crossover, or muffler,  without programming changes to the computer, but not both. As there are potential weight savings and other benefits to exhaust substitutions... expect the axiom "where there's a will there is a way" to prevail.
Call for pricing and availability.

Quota Headquarters

Supertrapp internal disc muffler with Mistral crossover

Passenger peg mounts stick out further than the muffler

The Supertrapp tucks in tight

Waterproof luggage mounts more easily

Mistral Stainless Steel Crossover

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