2003 Gas Gas FSE400, Four stroke fuel injected motorcycle
2003 Gas Gas FSE 400

    Welcome to GasGas.biz . This is a catalog site of Gas Gas and Hebo products offered through our dealership: Encore Performance & Fabrication, which is located at 355 Henry St. in Prescott, Arizona USA. We are enthusiasts, and we would not be involved with GAS GAS if we were not totally impressed with the quality and capability of not only the machines, but the company as well. Simply put: GAS GAS KICKS ASS! They may be best known for their championship winning Trials bikes, but they also make competition ready two stroke Enduro bikes, as well as ground breaking fuel injected four stroke machines... but that is not all! Also in the lineup are 2 stroke and 4 stroke quads, as well as the Pampera: perhaps the most capable trail bike ever made.
    Gas Gas Motorcycles are made in Spain, home to a great dirt bike heritage. They are fitted with only the finest components. The trials bikes are examples of the latest and freshest technology. They have hydraulic clutches, and most enduro bikes are available with either WP or Ohlins Forks. They are truly a world class product, and they are beautiful to behold.
    This is a new website, and it will take us a while to get up to speed, but we hope to build it in to a valuable resource for the Gas Gas enthusiast, as well as for those who just want to learn more about these great motorcycles and quads. Please bookmark this site and check back soon.

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Enduro EC50 Boy, EC-EC/O125, EC-EC/O 200, EC-EC/O 250, EC-EC/O 300, FSE-FSE/O 400
Cross MC 125, MC250
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Motard SM 400 FSE
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