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GV 650

GV 650 Original Parts

We are a licensed Hyosung dealer and try to stock as many OEM parts as possible. Below are common parts that we always try to keep in stock.

You can place the order online using Google Checkout or give us a call @ 1-888-373-6686 if you have any questions.

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These parts will also fit the UM Performance V2C 650

workshop manual gv 650 hyosung Factory Service Manual. Make sure you do your maintenance and repairs the correct way. Will save you time, money, and headaches. Covers the GV 650 Avitar/Aquila. $56.99

service manual gv650 fuel injection Fuel Injection Supplement - This is an additional manual covering the fuel injection system on the GV 650 EFI $39.99

hyousung gv650 battery Replacement battery for the GV 650. Can only ship via UPS Ground. $69.99

clutch lever gv650 Clutch Lever - GV 650 - VIN # KM4MP51C66110192 and newer

brake lever gv650 avitar Brake Lever - Non Adjustable - Used on older GV650's

gv650 brake lever Brake Lever OEM Adjustable - Includes new pivot bolt and nut

front brake lever gv650 hyosung Brake Lever - Adjustable- *Aftermarket*

hyosung gv650 footpeg Footpeg - Front Left

gv650 UM v2c650 footpeg Footpeg - Front Right

clutch cable gv650 hyosung Clutch Cable - Fits all years

GV WATER PUMP Water Pump Cover w/ O-ring: Currently only available in Gray (we should have the new black one soon.)

gv650 water pump assembly Complete water pump assembly. This is an updated part and includes a new water pump gear.

oil filter gv 650 Oil Filter - It is important to install a new drain plug crush washer when you change your oil, so we include one with every oil filter!

oil filter kit gv650 hyosung Oil Filter Kit - Includes filter, filter o-ring, filter cover o-ring, and drain plug crush washer

hyosung genuine part drain plug cap 650 Oil strainer cap. The drain plug can strip easily, but have no fear, a new cap is relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Don't forget a new o-ring! $6.99

hyosung o-ring Oil strainer cap o-ring, fits all 650's $5.49

hyosung avitar spark plug ngk NGK Spark Plug CR8E - Stock replacement - Sold each

hyosung iridium spark plug cr8eix NGK Iridium Plug CR8EIX - Performance replacement - sold each

air filter hyosung Air Filter - Fits all carburated models

hyosung air filter gv 650 fuel injected Air Filter - Fits Fuel Injected Models $39.99

gv650 starter relay Starter Relay - Fits all GV650's

hyosung parts relay Relay - Sidestand, Headlight or Fan Motor $18.99

hyosung parts regulator gv650 Regulator / Rectifier - Fits all years.

hyosung key blank Key Blank - Fits all years $8.99

hyosung brake caliper pin Brake Caliper Pin - The brake pads slide back and forth across these pins all the time and will cause wear, and can be a source of that annoying "squeaking" noise. Sold each (require 2 per caliper) $4.99

hyosung caliper piston Brake Caliper Piston - Includes new piston and two seals. Sold each (Fits all GV 650 calipers) $18.99

hyosung brake parts

Brake Caliper pin insulator rubber

No Longer Available - Please see our caliper rebuild kit

brake caliper kit gv650 Brake Caliper rebuild kit. Includes new piston seals, both pin insulator rubbers, and brake bleeder cap. Will work on front or rear calipers. $25.99


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