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Jim's Knob

Jim, the owner of E.P.&F. likes his helmet. Helmets are not required to ride on the highways of Arizona, but he chooses to use one because aside from the safety benefits, he feels a helmet helps him to focus and ride better by eliminating distractions. A grasshopper in the face at 70 miles an hour can be quite distracting.

While riding a motorcycle, helmets are good. Any other time, helmets are a P. I. T. A.. When you come home from a ride, you don't want to put your helmet on the ground... if the neighbors dog doesn't get it, red ants probably will, and since it's out of normal range of sight, you will certainly give it a good kick during a brief moment of inattention.

You don't want to place your helmet on a workbench or counter, because it will always be in the way, and might end up back on the ground. Most shelves are too narrow for anything but a teetering challenge to gravity, and the thought of a fall from that height makes your stomach churn. The damn cabinets are already full, and you couldn't jam your helmet in there without scratching the shield.

This was the inspiration behind the"Jim's Knob" Helmet Perch tm. The welded steel and wood helmet perch is designed to be securely screwed to a stud or other framing member. Once properly installed, it provides a safe and convenient place to keep your helmet between rides.

As an added bonus, the "Jim's Knob" Helmet Perch provides an excellent place to hang your leathers or other riding gear at the same time.

"Jim's Knob" Helmet Perch... the original and still the best!

Price: $25.00 + Tax and or Shipping
2 1/4" x 21/2" lag screws included for solid mounting

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Powersports Outlet (aka Encore Performance and Fabrication) is a motorcycle, scooter, and ATV dealer located in the high desert of Prescott, AZ

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