FrenTubo Brake Line Kits:
EP&F is now stocking an increasing number of braided stainless steel brake line kits by the Italian manufacturer FrenTubo.
FrenTubo makes kits for most Moto Guzzi motorcycles not originally equipped with stainless lines... if you don't see your application listed, give us a call - we can probably special order them for you.
Also listed are FrenTubo Braided Stainless oil feed kits for both round and square head Guzzi's

Oil feed lines
430039-1 Stainless oil feed line, round head motors $50.00
430040-1 Stainless oil feed line, square head motors $48.00

Brake line kits
430019-1 850T3 $140.00
430021-1 California II $140.00
430022-1 Lemans 1 $133.70
430026-1 850T $92.00
430034-1 Mille GT $133.70
430036-1 California III $133.70
430037-1 850T3 High Bar $140.00
430041-1 V65TT $100.00
430046-1 California 1100ie $134.00
430049-1 V11 EV $140.00

The above kits were in stock 11/11/00; more may have been added since - then give a call!
*Disclaimer, prices do fluctuate, and while we make no guarantee of accuracy, the prices listed were correct to the best of my knowedge when we made this page. Please verify current prices at time of order to avoid confusion.

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