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Jackal Generics

Highway Pegs: these pegs come from the American aftermarket for some other brand. They mount  in the  unused hole above the front motor mount. (this hole must be enlarged to 3/8")  Overall length is about 8-3/4 inches. $44.00 per pair
Bar end plugs. These nifty knurled and polished aluminum plugs replace the black plastic plugs standard on the Jackal. They add some sparkle and a touch of class. $10.50 per pair
Progressive Cruiser shocks. This  basic shock is available in a variety of lengths and spring rates for a variety of applications, Jackal included. $235.00 per pair
Stand-offs, these single bolt mount stand-offs make mounting soft luggage or throw over type saddle bags an easier proposition on the Jackal. They are designed for a 3/8'" bolt, but a couple of washers make them adaptable to the Jackal. $35.00 per pair

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