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Welcome to BigEddy, a source for river rafting equipment, information, and supplies.

Staffed by stubborn "old school" Western boaters, BigEddy is the place  for outfitters, boatmen, and enthusiasts to go for the real type of equipment and information you are not likely to find at the mass merchants, or even the specialty catalogs that cater to the latest whitewater fads. 

We only sell what we know works. Our judgment is based on extensive experience working and recreating on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and a good variety of rivers in the Western United States. We have broken and worn out some of the "best" equipment available, and we are full of opinions.

We remember when polypropylene rope was a novelty, and we couldn't imagine clothes made of the stuff. We like old boats, and don't scoff at a wooden frame. Nowadays we think our aluminum frames are among the best available, but we still won't row with anything but wooden oars and open oarlocks.

Big Eddy Is Doing It Again
Mark your calendars for our Tenth annual "River Fools" party... Sunday April 10th, 2016
Yep, it is almost getting to be a tradition. The party will start at 2:pm and continue until the beer runs out. Come see what we have been up to.  Our fabrication shop is now crammed full with more industrial sewing machines than you can shake a stick at, and we have been adding to our rental fleet of support boats and equipment, as well as increasing the amount of new river equipment we have in stock and ready for sale.  New stuff has been rolling in from Hyside, Northwest River Supplies, and others for the past few months, and now is the time to show it off, as well as some new boats and frames we have been putting together.

What else is new? This winter we are busy installing our new commercial block ice machine... soon, we will be Prescott's source for solid hard frozen block ice!

A new store? ... well not really, it is the same Henry Street shop where the motorcycle dealership started some 18 years ago,  an industrial garden spot down by Granite Creek Park in the heart of Prescott.

Some of the products described on BigEddy.com are custom made by us, others are made by friends in the boating community, and still others come from various parts of the country or globe. We strive to keep most of the common items in stock and ready for delivery, and offer a toll free number (888 373 6686) for ordering. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards, and ship via UPS daily.

BigEddy.com is divided into four major categories, and each of these is subdivided into several more. We try to keep information and prices current, but due to market fluctuations (and our desire to be anywhere but in front of a computer) we can not guarantee accuracy. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean we cant make it or get it. If you have products, links, or content you would like to see on BigEddy, let us know... contact us on email

The four main categories on BigEddy.com are as follows:
Boats Where you'll find boats, and stuff that goes with them including: Rafts, Kayaks, Inflatables, Frames, Oars, Paddles, Pumps, Etc.
Boaters Where you'll find stuff  to outfit boatmen / paddlers including: Rain Gear, Paddle Gear, Life Jackets, Health Care, First Aid, Clothing, Personal Gizmo's, Etc. 
Boating Where you'll find other boating necessities, including: Rigging, Rescue, Kitchen Equipment, Camping Equipment, Dry Bags, Watertight Boxes, Toilet Supplies, Etc.
BigEddy Where you'll find a swirling mess of information including: Information about BigEddy.com, Discount programs for professionals and others, Links to all kinds of river information, and whatever else floats to the surface

Come on in!

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