A river trip can entail a lot more than a boat and a river, if fact some of the more epic stories we have heard happened on the shuttle.

Aside from bringing enough beer, there are a lot of other things to consider: food, drybags, kitchen equipment, firepan, stoves, chairs, tarps, tents, toilets, water purification,signal mirrors... the list can seem endless. (and then there is the whisky for when the beer runs out)

Commercial trips have set menues and packout lists to make things easier, but stuff still gets overlooked (BigEddy even forgot to bring a boat once). A lot of the stuff here may not apply to smaller rivers and shorter trips, but it may help you remember that one crucial item that makes the trip go better.

When all else fails, it helps to be nice... perhaps another trip can bail you out. There is a lot of stuff and information here, and BigEddy just assumes there is more we've forgotten, but heck if you didn't bring it, its not our fault

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