"...in all the world there is nothing so fun as messing around in a boat"

BigEddy likes to think he has a choice, and in the Grand Canyon, he chooses to row a conventional floored "hypalon" raft. 

Sure he has played around in kayaks and inflatables, and been forced to run paddleboats and self bailers, any boat is better than no boat... Heck even a cat is bound to be better than a poke in the foot with a sharp stick. 

While anything that floats is bound to make it down the river (givin enough luck), an appropriate vessel for the river at hand is bound to be more fun than the wrong boat.

Most boats and frames are on a special order basis, and we are working to make more available... but for now, even if it is not available here, BigEddy is not afraid to let you know what he thinks.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits of ordering your next vessel from Bigeddy. We are happy to supply boats from Northwest River Supplies, Jacks, Star, and others.


Rafts Conventional Our choice for a Grand trip is a good old conventional floored raft made of "Hypalon" material

Self Bailing Great for smaller more technical rivers and paddle rafts

Paddle Rafts Great for wearing out passengers so they are not so mkuch of a bother in camp

Frames EP&F "Major" Frames Our custom made commercial grade welded aluminum frames

Plans and Ideas We've made a lot of wooden frames over the years, and for a smaller raft, they are all you need.

Frame Hardware Stuff we use that you won't find at the local home center

Other Dories What every boatman aspires to row... unless you don't want to be too far from a cooler

Kayaks The kayaks we used to paddle look like 747's compared to what is out there today... but don't be afraid... there is a kayak for you.

Duckies Often called "inflatable kayaks" these can be a lot of fun, and very forgiving

Cats We are learning to like these little pontoon rafts