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AIS Removal Pictures

  hyosung ais cylinder gv 650 ais pipe  
  AIS Pipe - Front Cylinder - GV 650 (Remove) AIS Pipe - Rear Cylinder - GV 650 (Remove)  
  ais plate hyosung ais pump gt 650  
  After removing AIS Pipe from cylinders. Install Aluminum Plates and New Gaskets supplied in Kit. Remove Air Pump and all associated hoses. There should be a vacuum hose going to front carburetor and air hose(s) going to airbox. Number of hoses will depend on the year and model of your Hyosung.  
  ais vacuum ais vacuum cap hyosung  
  You will need to block off the Vacuum Nipple that is now open after removing vacuum line for the AIS Air Pump.
Use Vacuum Cap supplied in Kit (Color will vary)
  ais airbox hyosung hyosung ais airbox hose  
  After removing the Air Pump and hose(s) you will need to block of the exposed outlets in the airbox. Use 1/2" caps supplied in the kit. If no caps supplied, use hose as seen in the picture to the right. Cut hose you removed from the airbox/AIS pump and use it to block off the outlets  
  ais gt650 ais gt 650  
  RH Air Pump location on a GT650. Some years had an additional pump on the LH side of the bike as well.
AIS Pipe on the front cylinder of a GT 650S
  ais gt 650r ais kit  
Front Cylinder with "block off plate" installed
Items supplied in Kit - Items may vary depending on the year and model of your bike. You may or may not use all items in the Kit. Some models used an AIS pipe on both cylinders while other models only used the AIS on one cylinder.  

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