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hyosung gt650 (N,S,R) parts

N = Naked Model "Comet" (Round Headlight, No Fairing)
S = Half Faired Model (upper fairing only)
R = Fully Faired Model

GT 650 (R/S)
Air / Fuel
Chain & Sprockets
oil / filter
Nuts & Bolts
hyosung service manual gt650 Factory Service Manual
  • Make sure you do your maintenance and repairs the correct way
  • Will save you time, money, and headaches
  • Covers the GT 650 R/S and Comet


service manual hyosung fuel injection system gt gv Fuel Injection Supplement
  • This is an additional manual covering the fuel injection system on the 2009 GT 650 EFI


hyosung gt650r battery Battery
  • for the GT 650, 650S, and 650R
  • RTX14L-BS
  • Can only be shipped via UPS Ground

hyosung brake lever oem Clutch Lever
  • Fits 2005 and some 2006 GT 650, 650 S, and 650 R
  • Will NOT fit on a bike with the silver lever


gt650 brake lever Brake Lever
  • Fits 2005 GT650's and any other year that had a Black brake lever


gt650 clutch lever Clutch Lever
  • If you have a silver lever this will work on your bike
  • will NOT work on the older 650's with the black clutch lever


hyosung brake lever OEM Brake Lever
  • Fits GT 650's with a silver adjustable front brake lever
  • Includes new pivot bolt and nut
  • Will NOT work on an older 650 with a black brake lever


hyosung brake lever Front Brake Lever
  • Fits 2006 and newer GT 650, 650 S, and 650 R
  • Adjustable reach


hyosung gt clutch perch Clutch Perch Assembly
  • With silver clutch lever
  • Includes Lever, Perch, Adjustment Screw and Cutout Switch


gt650 clutch perch and lever Clutch perch Assembly
  • With black clutch lever
  • Includes Lever, Perch, Adjustment Screw and Cutout Switch


clutch adjuster gt 650 Clutch Cable Adjustment Screw
  • Fits all GT 650's

hyosung gt 650 parts Clutch Cable Adjustment Lock Nut
  • Fits all GT 650's

hyosung mirrors gt 650 250 OEM Mirrors GT 650R and GT 650S
  • Original Mirrors for all 650's with a fairing
  • We have a less expensive option that looks similar, available here

Choose Side

gt650 comet mirror Mirror for the GT 650 Naked (Comet)
  • Older mirror with a "flat" back
  • Please choose left or right side
  • Also available in the Newer style (see below)
Choose Side

hyosung mirror comet NEW Mirror GT 650 Naked (Comet)
  • Updated mirror with a back similar to the R and S version
  • Please select Left or Right
  • Will fit older models as well

Choose Side

hyosung clip on Clip On (Handlebar)
  • Left side - stock


hyosung handlebar Clip On (Handlebar)
  • Right side - stock


hyosung throttle tube gt250 Throttle Tube
  • Includes new grip
  • Fits all GT 650's


hyosung clutch cable Clutch Cable
  • GT 650N (Comet)
  • For bikes with an actual handlebar


hyosung clutch cable Clutch Cable
  • GT 650R or GT650S
  • Bikes with "clip-ons)


hyosung footpeg bracket gt Footpeg Bracket
  • Right Side
  • No longer available from Hyosung USA
  • You will have to use the newer version seen below


Please order the "new"style below

hyosung footpeg bracket Footpeg Bracket
  • Left Side
  • No longer available from Hyosung USA
  • You will have to use the newer version seen below


Please order the "new"style below

hyosung gt footpeg bracket Footpeg Bracket
  • Right Side
  • Will fit on older bikes as well


hyosung footrest bracket Footpeg Bracket
  • Left Side
  • Will fit on older bikes as well


gt250 passenger peg Rear Footpeg Bracket / Muffler Hanger
  • Right Side

hyosung UM footpeg Front (Rider) Footpeg
  • Fits all GT's
  • Choose Left or Right
Choose Side

passenger peg hyosung gt Rear (passenger) Footpeg
  • Fits all GT 650's
  • Select Left or Right side
  • Does NOT include mounting hardware (peg only)
Choose Side

hyosung shift lever Shift Lever
  • There is a difference in rod length between the bikes with adjustable rearsets (R/S) and the Naked with non adjustable footpegs.
  • Please select your model on the right ------->
Choose Model

hyosung gt 650 brake pedal Brake Pedal
  • Rear
  • Fits all years


hyosung master cylinder Rear Master Cylinder Assembly
  • Fits all GT 650's


hyosung brake pads Brake Pads - 2 Piston Calipers
  • The best thing you can do for your brakes
  • Available in an organic pad, or sintered metal (HH) for even more stopping power
  • Fit Front and Rear Calipers on 2005 - 2009 models
  • Fit Rear ONLY on 2010 and newer models
Choose Material

hyosung st7 brake pads OEM FRONT BRAKE PADS
  • 4 Piston Calipers Only - 2010 >


gt650 brake pads ebc EBC High Performance Brake Pads - 4 Piston Calipers
  • Fit the NEW 2010 4-Piston Calipers (Front)
  • Provide better stopping power, more feel, and longer life than the stock pads
  • Requires two (2) sets
  • *Note:Remove backing plate from pads before installing*


hyosung parts gt650 Front Sprocket
  • Stock 15 teeth
  • 525 chain size
  • Made in USA (PBI, or JT)


hyosung sprocket gt650r Rear Sprocket
  • Steel OEM
  • 44 teeth
  • 525 Chain


float bowl oring 650 Float Bowl O-Ring (Gasket)
  • Fits all Carbureted 650's


hyosung gt carburetor rebuild kit Carburetor Rebuild Kit
  • Fits all 650 Carburetors
  • Includes: Float Bowl O-Ring (Gasket), Float Needle and Seat
  • Note: This kit is used on multiple carb applications and not all o-rings are used on the GT650


hyosung idle jet gt 650 Idle Jets - 27.5
  • Fits all Carbureted 650's
  • Helps reduce backfire "popping" on deceleration
  • Improves idle
  • These are NOT included in a Jet Kit
  • Sold as a pair

$8.00 / pair

hyosung water pump cover Water Pump Cover w/ O-Ring
  • Fits all GT650's

No longer available

You will have to order a complete water pump assembly, sorry
See picture above O-Ring
  • Water Pump Cover


hyosung water pump Water Pump Assembly - 650
  • This is an updated part with a new water pump gear
  • Fits all GT650's


hyosung fuel pump Fuel Pump - 650
  • Fits all Carburated models
  • NOT for the new Fuel Injected models


hyosung fuel valve gt 650 Fuel Petcock - Vacuum
  • Fits all Carburated GT 650's
  • Includes new sealing o-ring


hyosung oil filter Oil Filter - 650
  • Hi Flo Filtro
  • It is important to install a new drain plug crush washer when you change your oil so we include one with every oil filter!


hyosung oil filter Oil Change Kit
  • Includes new Oil Filter, Filter O-Ring, Filter Cover O-Ring, and Drain Plug Crush Washer


hyosung genuine part drain plug cap 650 Oil Strainer Cap
  • The drain plug can strip easily, but have no fear, a new cap is relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.
  • Don't forget a new o-ring!


hyosung o-ring O-Ring
  • Oil strainer cap, fits all 650's


gt650 oil drain plug Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
  • An inexpensive piece of insurance for your motor
  • Most 2009 and newer models already have one installed from the factory
  • 14mm x 1.25


gt650r cam chain tensioner Cam Chain Tensioner
  • Older style for 20mm diameter hole in cylinder head
  • Used on pre 2008? models (please verify before ordering)
  • Does NOT include gasket, bolt, or o-ring


  Tensioner Gasket
  • 20mm diameter hole
  • Fits above (older style) tensioner


hyosung gv650 cam tensioner parts Cam Chain Tensioner
  • Newer 26mm diameter
  • Fits 2008? and newer models (please verify your existing tensioner size)
  • Includes new bolt and o-ring
  • Does NOT include gasket (see below)


st7 tensioner gasket Tensioner Gasket
  • New 26mm diameter hole
  • Fits above (newer) tensioner


hyosung gt clutch cover Clutch Cover
  • Fits all 650's with silver engine
  • Black or Chrome version available by special order


clutch cover o-ring O-Ring
  • Clutch Cover O-Ring
  • Fits all 650's

clutch plate gt 650 Clutch Friction Plate #1 (Drive)
  • Set of 6
  • Fits all 650's

$65.12 / set

hyosung clutch friction plate Clutch Friction Plate #2 (Drive)
  • There is only one of these in the clutch pack
  • It is different than the other 6 listed above
  • You will need 6 (#1 plates) and 1 (#2) plate for a complete rebuild


steel clutch plate hyosung gt 650 Clutch Steel Plate (Driven)
  • There are 6 steel plates for a complete rebuild
  • Sold EACH

$6.71 / EACH

gt650 clutch springs Clutch Springs
  • Set of 6


hyosung crankcase cover Crankcase Cover
  • RH (clutch side) includes new oil sight glass
  • You will need to replace the seal on the inside of the cover. See below
  • Available in Black by special order - give us a call or email


hyosung oil seal Seal - Crankcase Cover
  • You will need this seal if you are installing a new RH Crankcase Cover


Hyosung Oil Sight Glass Window

Oil Sight Glass

  • Oil Level Sight Glass Window
  • Comes with what you see, you will need to use a sealant to secure it in the crank cover
  • Fits all years all versions


crankcase gasket hyosung Gasket
  • Crankcase - Clutch Side (Right)

magneto cover gasket gt650 Gasket
  • Magneto Cover (Left)

hyosung parts crank plug Crank Plug
  • Magneto Side: This piece can be easily damaged when you try to remove it
  • Will fit all GT 650's
  • Includes new O-Ring
  • Currently only available in Silver


hyosung exhaust gasket Exhaust Gasket
  • Fits between the front head pipe and the rear collector pipe
  • All 650's
  • Sold each

hyosung muffler gasket Muffler Gasket
  • Fits all GT 650's

hyosung air filter Air Filter (OEM) - Carb Bikes
  • Fits all Carburated GT650's


k&n air filter hyosung gt gv K&N Air Filter - Carb Bikes
  • Fits all Carbureted GT 650's
  • Re-Useable, Million Mile Guarantee
  • Made in the USA


gt650 air filter Air Filter (OEM) - Fuel Injected Bikes
  • Fits all Fuel Injected GT 650 Models
  • Original Equipment Filter

bmc filter hyosung gt 650 efi BMC Air Filter - Fuel Injected Bikes
  • Performance Air Filter
  • Fits all Fuel Injected GT 650's
  • Re-Useable / Washable
  • Just like a K&N
  • Made In Italy


hyosung exhaust gt Exhaust Pipe
  • Collecter (mid) pipe for the Carbureted GT 650 (N, R, S)


hyosung gt radiator Radiator
  • GT 650 R,S
  • Will fit on the GT Comet, but it is not painted black


hyosung radiator hose gt650 Radiator Hose
  • "Inlet" hose, from thermostat to left side of radiator


Hyosung Thermostat 650 Thermostat - 650
  • Will fit all years and all versions of the GT 650 (Comet, R, S)
  • The complete thermostat housing is available by special order, give us a call, or email


hyosung piston rings Piston Ring Set
  • Includes two compression rings and oil scraper ring set
  • Fits all 650's


hyosung parts fork seal gt650r Fork "Oil" Seal
  • Fits all GT650's
  • Sold Each

hyosung fork and dust seals Fork "Oil" and "Dust" Seal Kit
  • Includes 2 of each seal
  • High quality K&S seals
  • Fits all GT 650's


hyosung turn signal lens Turn Signal Lens
  • Fits all years w/ orange signals
Choose Side

hyosung um turn signal Turn Signal
  • Specify Left or Right, Front or Rear
  • Sold each
Choose Side

hyosung bulb Turn Signal Bulb

hyosung tail bulb Taillight Bulb

hyosung parts spark plugs cr8e NGK Spark Plug
  • CR8E
  • Stock replacement
  • Sold each


hyosung spark plug gt650r NGK Iridium Plug
  • CR8EIX
  • Performance replacement
  • Sold each


hyosung coil gt650 Ignition Coil
  • Front Cylinder


gt650r ignition coil Ignition Coil
  • Rear Cylinder


hyosung starter relay Starter Relay
  • Fits all GT650's


hyosung parts relay Relay
  • Side Stand, Headlight, or Fan Motor


hyosung parts regulator gt650r Regulator / Rectifier
  • Fits all years all models 650


hyosung key blank gt650r Key Blank
  • Will fit all GT650's


windscreen bolt kit hyosung gt Windscreen Hardware GT 650R - GT 650S some GT 650 N (Comets)
  • Includes 1 each of: Bolt, Metal Spacer, Rubber Grommet, and Nut
  • There are 6 used on the windscreen in total
  • Fits all GT 650R's and GT 650S's 2005 - 2012 (2013 and newer have a different windshield)


hyosung parts clutch switch Clutch Lever Cutout Switch

hyosung brake parts Caliper Pin
  • The brake pads slide back and forth across these pins all the time and will cause wear, and can be a source of that annoying "squeaking" noise
  • Fit all 2 Piston Calipers Front or Rear
  • Sold each
  • Require 2 per caliper


gt650 caliper rebuild Caliper Piston
  • Includes new piston and two seals
  • Sold each
  • Fits all 2 piston calipers


hyosung brakes Caliper pin insulator rubber
  • Used on all of the 2-Piston Calipers


Back in stock!

hyosung caliper rebuild Caliper Rebuild Kit
  • Includes new piston seals, both pin insulator rubbers, and brake bleeder cap
  • Will work on 2005 - 2009 models front and rear
  • 2010 and newer models Rear Only


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