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scooter accessories - MISC

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buddy seat people 50 back seat passenger

"Buddy Seat" - People 50

  • Need to take a passenger for a ride on your People 50?? Here ya go
  • Includes everything needed to add a back seat to your People 50
  • Available in Black or Brown to match your front seat
Choose Color

8 mm scooter mirror Scooter "GP Sport" Mirrors
  • Inexpensvie scooter replacement mirrors
  • 6" long stem
  • 8mm mount
  • Sold in Pairs only

$12.95 /Pair

Scooter mirror black round 8mm 10mm Black Round Mirror
  • 4" Mirror Diameter
  • 10" stem
  • Provides an unobstructed view of whats in your past
  • Universal - Will fit Left or Right Side
  • Available in 8mm or 10mm post sizes
Choose Thread

8mm chrome mirror round scooter moped Chrome Round Mirror
  • 4" Mirror Diameter
  • 8" Stem
  • Inexpensive replacement for most motorcycles or scooters
  • Universal - will fit Left or Right Side
  • Available in 8mm or 10mm threads
Choose Thread

8mm moped scooter mirror honda Rectangular Scooter / Moped Mirror
  • 7" chrome stem
  • 8mm mount
  • Black plastic mirror housing
  • Fit either Left or Right side
  • Used on some Honda scooters

$8.95 each

mirror adapter Mirror Adapter
  • This adapter will allow you to mount mirrors with a 10mm thread onto your scooter that has an 8mm mount
  • Provides you many more mirror options
  • Available in chrome or black
$4.99 each

reverse thread mirror adapter Reverse Thread Adapter
  • Some scooters from Genuine and Yamaha have a reverse thread on one mirror
  • This adapter will allow you to mount any of our mirrors
  • Available in 10mm Black only

$11.99 /pair

10mm black mirror 10mm Black Round Mirror
  • 10" stem provides an unobstructed view of whats in your past
  • Universal - Will fit Left or Right Side
$9.99 each

black 10mm mirror 10mm Black Rectangular Mirror
  • 4" stem
$12.99 each

chrome mirror 10mm Chrome Rectangular Mirror
  • Same as above, in chrome
$13.99 each

eyeball mirrors "Eyeball" mirrors
  • Stick on convex mirrors provide a wider view of whats in your blind spot
  • 1 1/4" in diameter
$6.99 pair

mirror mounts scooter handlebar Mirror Mount
  • Fit on 7/8" handlebars and will allow most mirrors with a 10mm thread to be used
  • Made of cast aluminum
  • Measure 7/8" wide
  • Available in Black, Chrome, or a Carbon Fiber finish
  • Sold Each

kymco super 8 exhaust Super 8 150 Aluminum Exhuast System
  • Adding this Two Brothers Racing high performance M-2 exhaust system will help you gain additional horsepower while lowering the over-all weight of your bike

scooter cover Dowco Scooter Covers
  • A good cover offers protection from the elements as well as a deterrent for would be thieves
  • We have a cover to fit every KYMCO scooter
  • Give us a call and we'll help you get the right cover
  • Available in S - XL
scooter battery kymco Scooter Batteries
  • Available for all Kymco models
  • Sealed batteries come with everything you need to fill and install the battery
  • Can be shipped by UPS ground
  • Will require charging before installation
battery tender charger Battery Tender (Charger)
  • Most scooter batteries are quite small and as most of us have found out the hard way, it doesn't take long for them to lose their charge
  • You can always have a fully charged battery with a battery tender
  • Comes with leads that stay connected to your battery for easy access
  • Leave your battery plugged in overnight or even for months on end
  • Will never overcharge!
  • Available for 12v or 6v batteries
spark plug ngk NGK Replacement Spark Plugs
  • It's always a good idea to have an extra spark plug tucked away in your scooter
  • It always amazes me how many times an electrical issue gets tracked down to a bad spark plug
  • NGK's come stock on your Kymco
  • We have them for every Kymco model
scooter kymco brake pads EBC Brake Pads
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • We have them for all Kymco scooter models
kymco brake shoes EBC Brake Shoes
  • Meet or exceed OEM standars
  • Available for all Kymco models
kymco roller weights Roller Weights
  • One of the "wear" items on your scooter is the roller weights found inside the variometer
  • If your scooter is starting to feel sluggish and doesn't have the "pep" it used to, you might want to check your weights
  • You can also experiment with different weights to change the acceleration characteristics of your bike
  • Meets OEM spces and are less expensive
  • Not available for all models

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