spy photos
cal ev, 1100i, & bassa in front of E.P.&F

New tank mounted on black/silver V11EV
new tank, detail 1 new tank, detail 2

new tank, detail 3
This is a sneak preview of our new California project, which is designed to return the Moto Guzzi twin to it's roots as "The motorcycle built exclusively for unlimited touring".
This prototype tank is of hand formed aluminum, and we polished it only because we could.
We used a V700 tank as inspiration, and kept the stock airbox and snorkleof the fuel injected machine. Volume of this tank is 8 US Gallons. We think it would look great painted and striped in matching colors, with polished knee patches of course... or if you really want to go retro; how about a red tank on a pearl white Bassa to pay homage to the original red and silver V700???

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