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EP Racing Championship Cup Series (CCS)

    Round 1 Firebird International Raceway Jan 20-21

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    There wasn't much of a break between the 06 and 07 seasons, but I tried to cram as many modifications as possible for the Hyosung into the short time span. Of course this led to many headaches and even more late nights in the garage. The three big changes were in the suspension, a complete engine teardown, and a 520 sprocket/chain conversion.

    The front forks were sent out to Race-Tech to be torn down, evaluated, and to determine what could be done to improve them. The stock front end is not that bad, but I knew there was better performance to be found. My main complaint was that the suspension was too stiff for my weight. The Race-Tech crew were able to swap out the fork spring to a .85kg/mm (stock is a .95kg/mm) and they also threw in some gold valves for better compression and rebound damping adjustability.
    Towards the end of last season I had really started to overwork the rear shock. It felt like someone had installed a pogo stick on the rear of the bike and it would just hop around the track as it seemed fit. Works Performance had already developed a new shock (in conjunction with TCS) so I ordered one up with pre-load, compresssion, and rebound adjustability. I had requested ride height adjustment, but they said they were not able to incorporate it into the shock. So I called up Tim (CEO and El Presidente) of Y.C.H. (Yavapai County Hackers) to see about getting some shorter "Dog Bones" (shock links) to raise the rear end of the bike about 3/4". The goal was to get more weight on the front end, as well as increasing ground clerance, to help save bodywork damage.
    When installing the rear shock it was apparant that a section of the swing arm would need to be notched for clearance, as the new spring has a bigger diameter than the old spring. After removing a small section of steel from the swingarm, it became very apparant how overbuilt the Hyosung really is. Not only is the swingarm made from thick steel, but they reinforced the inside with a piece of 1" square stock steel from side to side! No wonder the bike weighs a ton and a half.


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